Can I Exercise with a Sinus Infection

Can I Exercise with a Sinus Infection
Can I Exercise with a Sinus Infection

Exercise benefits your health. But is it healthy to work out when having a sinus infection? If you enjoy working out and staying active, you could be tempted to continue exercising while congested. When they are ill, athletes in particular struggle and frequently phone us to ask questions like “Should I work out with a sinus infection?” or “Can exercising treat sinusitis?”

There are several workouts you can do while you have a sinus infection, despite the fact that they may seem paradoxical. However, engaging in any form of demanding physical exercise should be kept to a minimum. Always consult a specialist before making any health-related decisions. Ask a Houston sinus physician whether they believe you should exercise while suffering from a sinus infection.

Exercise and sinus infections: benefits and risks

Do workouts assist with sinusitis? Why do my sinuses clean up after working out? Is sinus pressure reduced by exercise? An explanation of the advantages of exercising while suffering from a sinus infection can address each of these often-asked questions.

And certainly, there are some advantages to exercising while suffering from a sinus infection. Light exercise can improve blood flow, boost endorphin levels, and aid in the generation of white blood cells.

However, one of the main advantages of exercising when suffering from a sinus infection is that it stimulates the release of adrenaline. Among other things, the hormone adrenaline can help your blood vessels constrict. Blood vessels that have constrictions may aid in reducing sinus infection-related edema and irritation.

In other words, exercising while suffering from a sinus infection may assist to clear your sinuses and lessen some nasal pressure that might cause headaches. Even while it won’t likely feel very enjoyable, exercising while suffering from sinus pressure can occasionally be very beneficial.

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The potential drawbacks of exercising with a sinus infection

While doing out while suffering from a sinus infection can be advantageous, it’s crucial not to overdo it. All doctors will advise you to avoid exercising if your sinus infection has spread to your chest. Resting is better for your body than going for a walk.

Avoid tasks that demand balance if your sinus infection is present anywhere in your body. For now, just be aware that having blocked nasal passages increases your risk of experiencing vertigo. We’ll explain why later.

Before determining whether or not to exercise, you need consider a few other factors. For instance, weather changes may make your sinus infection worse than usual, so it’s a good idea to monitor the forecast if you have one.

Checking in on symptoms besides congestion is also beneficial. It is best to avoid any type of activity if you have both a sinus infection and nausea (which is likely brought on by the sinus infection) in order to prevent upsetting your stomach further.

With a sinus infection and yoga

The greatest forms of exercise for sinus relief may include yoga and other light activities like pilates and short-distance walks. As previously mentioned, yoga can assist in blood vessel contraction, which lowers sinus pressure and congestion.

Avoiding positions in which your head is lower than your waist is advised by some doctors. This could make your headache worse.

lifting weights when suffering from sinusitis

It’s not advised to lift weights while suffering from a sinus infection. Because of your illness, not only will your strength be diminished but also your coordination will be less precise than usual. No one wants to experience vertigo when performing squats or deadlifts.

sinus infections and congestion

Another activity that people who are exercising while suffering from sinus infection should avoid is running. Your chest becomes more compressed due to sinus congestion, which makes breathing difficult. Your heart may beat faster as a result of the imbalance, increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Cycling while infected with sinuses

When some medical professionals might recommend a brief bike ride while suffering from a sinus infection, it’s advisable to use caution. Try to bike in flat places where pressure variations are less likely to affect you, avoid polluted areas that can irritate your sinuses, and keep the ride as simple as you can.

Infections from swimming and sinuses

Even though some people (especially those who have allergies) claim that swimming helps clean their sinuses, it is still recommended to stay away from the pool if you have a sinus infection. If you are still contagious, you run the danger of infecting others, congestion makes it difficult to breathe in the water, and sinus irritation from chlorine increases the chance of sinus infection.

Use your legal right to sinus relief.

No matter how vigilant you are about doing modest exercise, if a sinus infection is not addressed, it may lead to severe health issues (and only lightly). While exercising while suffering from a sinus infection may offer you short-term relief, visiting a Houston sinus specialist is one of the finest things you can do to permanently cure your illness.


What can I do to prevent a sinus infection?

Prevention is key. Wash your hands often with soap and water, and avoid touching your face. If you have a cold, wash your hands before using the bathroom. Also, use tissues to blow your nose, instead of blowing your nose on the tissue. This may help stop the spread of germs. 

How long can I exercise while I have a sinus infection?

You can continue to exercise if you feel well enough, but you should be careful to not overdo it. If you’re experiencing symptoms, you should rest until they go away.

What happens if I exercise with a sinus infection?

You can exercise as long as you are not feeling too bad. If you feel like you can’t breathe, then you should probably rest until your symptoms go away.

Is it safe for me to exercise with a cold?

Yes, it is safe to exercise with a cold. You just need to be sure that you drink enough fluids so that your body doesn’t get dehydrated. 

What are some good exercises for someone who has a sinus infection?

There are lots of exercises that are good for people who have a sinus infection. The best exercise is swimming. Swimming helps to keep your sinuses clear. Also, walking is a great exercise for someone with a sinus infection.

Can I exercise when I have a sinus infection?

It’s recommended that you stay off your feet, and rest when you have a sinus infection. 


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